If up early in New York

Due to the time zone, I wake up very early when I’m in New York. 3am, 4am … latest at 5am I can’t sleep any more. In the past, I used to start reading my mails from the colleagues in Europe or work on some presentations. Now I prefer discovering the town. This time I took the Staten Island Ferry at sunrise:staten_island_ferry_1 staten_island_ferry_2 staten_island_ferry_2b

staten_island_ferry_3 staten_island_ferry_5 staten_island_ferry_6

And as it was such an awesome experience, I took the ferry in the evening, too: staten_island_ferry_6b staten_island_ferry_7a staten_island_ferry_7b staten_island_ferry_8 staten_island_ferry_10 staten_island_ferry_10b staten_island_ferry_11
In case you are interested: The ferry takes around 25 min – and it doesn’t cost anything!

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