An update on the #Betthupferlbild

From time to time I’m eager to share a collection of some pictures of what I call my „Betthupferlbilder„. Yes, I’m a bit proud of them. But more important is what they teach me while I’m trying to take one every evening…

It is not only that I’m often surprised what is possible with just a (modern) smartphone and a flashlight. The most amazing thing for me is how this habit sharpened my view. I realized that when I thought about stopping to post every evening a #Betthupferlbild on Twitter and Facebook because I don’t want to bore people. But then I became aware that I should continue just for myself: I could just go out with the dog every evening, waiting in the cold until she’s ready with her business. Or I can’t look for something that I can take a picture of. And – to be honest – I’m sure I would have never recognized one of those things without looking for Betthupferlbilder:

Eis am HalmBlattmaskeDiestelLöwenzahnSpitzerKreuzungFrau MahlzahnSchneebesenMelting snowBubbles in iceKochendes Eis


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