Flight mode

„Flugzeugflügel müsste frau sein, da wird mann immer so romantisch. Du bist heute schon der zweite in meiner kleinen FB-Welt…“

That’s what a friend commented on Facebook after I posted a pic of an airplane wing. Maybe she’s right: Wings seem to exert a magical influence to men. Is it the beauty of technology or the symbol of freedom? Well, I stop the Rumphilosophieren yet – let the pics speak! 😉

flight_Rhein 2flight_Barcelonaflight_Landungflight_BrüsselNachtrag: \o/ Ich bekomme schon Gastbeiträge! Genaugenommen: Gastfotos! Pictures from my Hongkong based, vielflying beloved Bruderherz. A man, obviously, so another proof for the thesis that this is a male thing?

Image credit of the following: Frederik Zinken